Lab notes for Week 5

Using Model Builder and Spatial Analyst with raster data

Exercise 1

Convert raw 3m DEM raster into the vector data used in HW2.

  1. Download Lab5.7z
  2. Extract in H:\ESM263
  3. Set up the Lab5 project folder according to the ArcGIS setup, part 3 instructions.
  4. In the Catalog window, click the small plus sign to the left of the Lab5.tbx file to view its contents.
  5. Right-click Compute Elevation → Edit... tool to edit in Model Builder. (NOTE: Do not double-click the tool—that will run it.) This model uses the following tools:
    1. Project Raster
    2. Reclassify
    3. Extract by Mask
    4. Raster to Polygon
    5. Dissolve
    6. Feature Class to Feature Class
  6. Select Model → Validate Entire Model in the model editor window
  7. Select Model → Run Entire Model in the model editor window
  8. Once the model has finished running, return to the Catalog Tree pane and drag the elevation layer from output.gdb into your map. Look familar? Check out the attribute table.
  9. Leave ArcMap running for Exercise 2...

Exercise 2

Create proximity raster for distance to roads in SB County, then classify into zones.

  1. In the Catalog window, navigate to the Streets and County layers from HW2. Drag them into your map.
  2. Create a new model in your Lab5 toolbox.
  3. Drag Euclidean Distance tool into your model. (Under Spatial Analyst Tools -> Distance)
  4. Configure cell size, extent, and input data.
  5. Drag Reclassify tool, configure classification method. (Under Spatial Analyst Tools -> Reclass)
  6. Run the model

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