Using ColorBrewer with ArcMap 10

  1. Make a H:\ESM263\styles folder.
  2. Download into H:\ESM263\styles
  3. Right-click and select 7-Zip→Extract Here.
  4. Open ArcMap and add the H:\ESM263\HW1\CountryWatch.lyr data layer.
  5. Open the "Countries" layer properties and click on the "Symbology" tab.
  6. Double-click on one of the color symbols beneath "Symbol" to open a "Symbol Selector" window.
  7. Click "Style References..."
  8. Click "Add Style to List..." and navigate over to H:\ESM263\styles.
  9. Select
  10. "" (or maybe its full pathname) should now be listed in the "Style References".
  11. Check "" to enable it.
  12. Click "Set as Default List..." to make it the default.
  13. Click OK, then cancel out of the "Symbol Selector" window and cancel out of the "Layer Properties".

Open up "Layer Properties" again and go to the "Symbology" tab. Now if you click on the "Color Ramp" options you should see a whole new set of palettes to choose from.

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