ESM 263 - Grading criteria

Our assignments are progressively more difficult. We will ask you to submit more materials with each assignment, and work with increasingly sophisticated analytic methods. For each assignment, we will require you to submit one or more of three components:

The following table shows how we assign points per assignment per component, and how we distribute the points for your final grade. The maximum final grade is 50 points.

component HW1 HW2 HW3 HW4 Total
Map 5 5 5 5 20
Data   5 5 5 15
Model     5 10 15
Total 5 10 15 20 50

When we grade your assignments, we evaluate them based on the criteria listed below, and in comparison with the work of your peers.

NOTE: In each assignment we give specific instructions as to how the files you upload should be named and formatted. Failure to follow these instructions will cause so many bad things to happen that it pains us just to think about it. Losing points will be the least of your worries. Ye be warned...




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