QGIS: a free alternative to ArcGIS

Setup (one-time hack for GIS Lab machines)

If you don't have a Start menu entry for QGIS, you can add one by:

  1. Click Start→All Programs→QGIS Wien
  2. Right-click on QGIS Desktop 2.8.1 and select Pin to start menu


  1. Make a H:\ESM263\qgis folder
  2. Download the tutorial data and save it in H:\ESM263\qgis
  3. Extract the tutorial data into H:\ESM263\qgis

QGIS tutorial

The following selections from the QGIS Training Manual are Frew's pick for an ultra-streamlined introduction to QGIS. We will walk (OK, run, like we were being chased by rabid velociraptors) through as many of them as we have the patience for:

  1. 2. Module: The Interface
  2. 3.1. Lesson: Working with Vector Data
  3. 4.3. Lesson: Classification
  4. 7.2. Lesson: Vector Analysis
  5. 8. Module: Rasters
  6. 9. Module: Completing the Analysis
  7. 9.1. Lesson: Raster to Vector Conversion
  8. 9.2. Lesson: Combining the Analyses

In addition, the following sections are essential if you want to make nice-looking maps:

More about QGIS