ArcGIS setup, part 2 (new project setup)

IMPORTANT: We assume you've already completed the setup steps in:

We recommend the following layout, naming conventions, and settings for each new GIS project you undertake.

You only need to do these steps once at the beginning of each new project.

In Windows Explorer:

  1. Download the homework data zip file from Gauchospace and save it to your H:\ESM263 directory. Extract the zip file contents (right-click the zip file and under the 7zip menu choose Extract here). This should create a new folder called HWx where x is the assignment number. The rest of these instructions will assume a project named HW1, so your new directory will be:
  2. In the new HW1 folder, create a new, blank text file (right-click New→Text Document in Windows Explorer).
  3. Set the name of the file to something with an .mxd extension.
  4. Click Yes to the Windows warning "If you change a file name extension, the file might become unusable. Are you sure you want to change it?" Note that the file you just created will now look like an ArcMap document even though it is really just a blank text file. You can double-click this file and ArcMap will open with the correct current folder (e.g., H:\ESM263\HW1\).

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