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ESM 263 - Geographic Information Systems
Winter 2017

ESM 263 is a one-quarter introduction to geographic information systems (GIS). The course is intended for MESM students who need to acquire a working knowledge of GIS theory and practice in a single quarter.

Instructor: James Frew (office hours by appointment)

TA: Ian McCullough (office hours Tue 13:00–14:30 in Bren 3035, and Thu 13:00–14:30 in Bren 3017)

Labs: all in Bren 3035 (the GIS Lab); attend only the lab you are enrolled in:

  1. Tue/Thu 08:00-09:50 (code: 54676)
  2. Tue/Thu 14:30-16:20 (code: 54684)


More info:


All assignment should be submitted to the course's GauchoSpace. (This is the only thing we'll be using GauchoSpace for.)

  1. Cartography
  2. Sea level rise in Santa Barbara
  3. Site suitability analysis for wind power subsidies
  4. Conservation priorities using multicriteria decision analysis

Week 1: Introduction to GIS & cartography

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Week 2: Coordinate systems and map projections

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Week 3: Vector data

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Week 4: Attribute data

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Week 5: Raster data

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Week 6: GIS models

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Week 7: Terrain and watershed analysis

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Week 8: GIS data sources and data capture

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Week 9: Interpolation and uncertainty

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Week 10: bonus topics (TBD)